What time is Kick-Off?
Kick-Off is at 16:00 BST

Can I buy merchandise?
Yes – There will be a number of retail outlets outside, selling official merchandise and memorabilia. These will be open from 12pm on match-day and close 1 hour after the game has finished.

Can I buy Sidemen Clothing?
Yes! Sidemen Clothing will be available to purchase from the external retail outlets. Stock will be limited, so we apologise in advance if items sell-out.

Will there be a Matchday programme?
Yes, you will be able to pick up your copy from one of the numerous programme stands around the ground.

Will I get to meet any of the Youtubers?
We can’t promise this, so please don’t purchase a ticket with the expectation of meeting the Youtubers. Whilst some of you may be lucky and the guys will try their best to meet as many of you on the day as the can, there will be 27,000 of you at the stadium on the day so it’s impossible for them to meet you all.

Will there be a Sidemen VIP event?
No, unfortunately there will be no VIP tickets which include meeting the Sidemen at this year's event. There will be various Sidemen events announced throughout the year, however the guys want to concentrate on the football match for this event, so won’t be hosting any official meetups.

Will there be food?
Yes. All retail and food outlets in and around the stadium will be open, as if it were a normal matchday.